Sunday, February 24, 2008

I have on my computer a file called "failure.mp3." It's a homemade recording of someone playing a rather sad piano piece; it's titled "failure," as far as I can tell, because something about the recording setup gave it a nasty buzzing overtone whenever the pianist plays a certain note, unfortunately the tonic of the key the song is in. Then again, maybe that's just the name of the song.

The file's been sitting on my hard drive for years. I have no idea who made it or where it came from, and I'm pretty sure I never did--it just showed up one day. It kept turning up whenever I'd scan my music folders for new media players, and I always didn't delete it because even as sloppy as it was, it was an okay piece. Still, it was a close thing.

And just now, when I went looking for a soundtrack for my short film for school (coming soon to a youtub near you, based on this) I thought of it instantly. And when I played it over the edited footage, it synced up perfectly. Ridiculously well. It goes loud when I'm silent, quieter when I'm talking, changes key at just the right time. It's beautiful, and uncanny.


Rayce Katarn said...

Hey dude, Rayce Katarn fromn Calenine. I'm trying to get as much of the old gang together as I can so we can still hang out. Check out the RPG above and pass it on to anyone from Cale. It's where I'll keep all updates about what Xian is doing, for all who still care.

Thanks Just, see ya around.

Anonymous said...

That same thing happened with me, though it was an ambient background track I made (MIDI syth and Electric Bass) just for ha-has. When I needed something to fill space in an intro I was making for my shoutcast show, I picked that one out and it was perfect... I didn't have to do anything to the track but drop it into the main project. It made me happy.

In Axes We Trust.