Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I just auditioned for the school play with this, turned into a monologue. I was quite proud of it myself. I just want to say something to Capcom here:

You've made a great game in Resident Evil 4, really. But letting a player unlock new cool weapons by beating the game...and giving him a new game plus to play with those weapons in...and also giving him a harder difficulty mode...but not letting him use his new game plus equipment in the harder mode, in fact not even letting him buy the new weapons at all in the harder mode, without beating the game on the harder mode without them, is just stupid. The main purpose of a New Game + (which, for the uneducated, is when you start the game over with all the powerful equipment you ended it with the first time through) is so that you can play the game on the harder mode, now that you're better and stronger, and have goodies you can only get by beating the game. Now I'm left with two options: play the game in Normal with the new stuff, which will make the normal difficulty--already easy for me, since I've beaten it--laughably simplistic, or else play it on Hard, which will be exactly the same experience I just went through except I'll die more. Neither of these options are fun. What I want is to use the new, powerful tools on new, powerful enemies, or at the very least on old, newly powerful enemies, who will present a challenge even when I use the new, powerful tools. Why would you ruin your own replay value like that?...

¡Detrás de ti, imbécil!

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Anonymous said...

Except that by playing it on hard while using an infinite RPG, or limb-tearing tommy gun, you lose the experience that makes it the hard mode. And as such, you do not gain any particular skill by beating hard mode with ridiculously overpowered guns.

Also, bragging rights by beating the game with normal equipment.