Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's interesting that the one creative outlet I seem to be able to keep putting effort into, and that I still haven't gotten bored with after any length of time, is dungeonmastering. Even though four people are are actually counting on me to write it on time and have it be useful, there's somehow less pressure than if I just sit down to try to write something. I know they're going to have fun fighting the monsters even if the story bringing the PCs to them is flimsy, which lets me have them do whatever I can think of, which somehow ends up being much less flimsy than the stories I try to write for their own sake. Nobody else is expecting to see those, whether they're any good or not; really, I should just be writing torrents of utter crap. That's what you're supposed to do, reliable sources have informed me. But I'm too proud to write something that I really think is bad...except, somehow, in DnD, where it seems like it ought to be kind of B-grade anyway, and it ends up just being fun. I'm setting up a nice haunted mansion next, and actually looking forward to spending an hour in MS Paint drawing the maps. Weird.

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