Friday, July 20, 2007

Quick quiz: how many of these quotes can you remember the originals of before resorting to Wikiquote? I myself scored three out of eight, though I could vaguely remember the fourth, just couldn't recall what "wet t-shirt" replaced. What's much sadder than that is that I didn't actually know the guy was a playwright until I noticed that all of the quote sources on that page were marked Act Something. I had had a vague idea that he was a poet but mostly I thought he was just a high society guy who spent his time sitting around at parties being witty at people. Surely the plays must have been good, how come I've never heard of any of them? Maybe they were satire, that clearly wouldn't age well. I'll have to go look them up.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's interesting that the one creative outlet I seem to be able to keep putting effort into, and that I still haven't gotten bored with after any length of time, is dungeonmastering. Even though four people are are actually counting on me to write it on time and have it be useful, there's somehow less pressure than if I just sit down to try to write something. I know they're going to have fun fighting the monsters even if the story bringing the PCs to them is flimsy, which lets me have them do whatever I can think of, which somehow ends up being much less flimsy than the stories I try to write for their own sake. Nobody else is expecting to see those, whether they're any good or not; really, I should just be writing torrents of utter crap. That's what you're supposed to do, reliable sources have informed me. But I'm too proud to write something that I really think is bad...except, somehow, in DnD, where it seems like it ought to be kind of B-grade anyway, and it ends up just being fun. I'm setting up a nice haunted mansion next, and actually looking forward to spending an hour in MS Paint drawing the maps. Weird.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's weird how being an absolute jerk on the internet is so attractive to people. They don't actually mean anything by it, they don't really hate the people they're insulting horribly, and if you don't take them seriously while they haze you then once they get to know you they'll be just as likely to be nice as they are to be nasty. But when they're nasty they're awful. It's sometimes almost impossible to tell whether somebody is insulting you because they actually dislike you or just for fun, banter they expect you to respond to in kind. Casual racism and sexism and horrible concepts tossed around for laughs, even if the people are truly deeply against those things. I'm sure there's all sorts of deep psychological truths at work about the freedom of anonymity and so on, but it's still strange to see it in action.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Y'know what would be interesting, what would happen if the Discworld came into contact with a miniature black hole? There's short stories about the same thing happening to Mars or Earth, but it gets whole new implications with the Disc. The pinhole left by a mini black hole would be smaller in relation to A'Tuin than something half a molecule wide would be to a normal turtle; would he even notice? Long term, it would orbit the Disc's center of gravity and gradually suck up all the matter over millennia. Where is the disc's center of gravity anyway? Surely A'Tuin is more massive than the Disc itself, and who knows the exact volume and density of the elephants...perhaps it would just end up orbiting in space between the elephants and do nothing at all. If something ended up punching a hole through the Disc somewhere in the middle, would all the air fall out? What if Cori Celesti was an inverted massive impact crater like that mountain in Ringworld? There's all sorts of interesting possibilities here...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

This blog is coming back to life this summer. I swear it. Hundred words a day minimum. No, a hundred and one, as a nod to anacrusis. This may sometimes mean they won't be very interesting, but i'd rather post random snippets every day than say "I'll post when I have something good to post" and then never do it. Today's link: a Jonathan Coulton song I already loved, made into an anime music video with a series perfectly suited to it. Anyone who reads this blog has a fair chance of reading Joey DeVilla's excellent blog, The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century, and will thus already have seen this, since that's where I got it, but eh. See you tomorrow.

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