Sunday, August 20, 2006

You, too, can watch Buzz Aldrin punch a guy in the face

my case is closed, my case is packed

("This activity is extremely dangerous and very illegal and should not be attempted by anyone under any circumstances" -Wikipedia. Also of interest may be this page, which is hilarious all by itself.)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The world now has two new words. Or actually, two new meanings for old words. As of now, everything in the world can be divided into two different categories: "Decrepit" and "Severe." Good things are severe and bad things are decrepit. I urge you to use these words in conversation at every opportunity.

we flourish and we flaunt our flavor freshly

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


This is kinda stupid but making your own is fairly entertaining the first couple times. (go to the root URL for that.)

Monday, August 14, 2006

voodoo librarian

Let me relate to you a story I was just told. My mother is a tech services librarian who works at universities, but some years ago in a time of economic hardship she took a job working at a local library. The director of the library at the time was soon fired on account of her being a complete nutcase. However, it was heard by said mother on the news that this library director, while the city government was in the process of firing her, had been seen by neighbors and subsequently caught by police burying baby food jars full of hot peppers, roosters' feet, and other voodoo-type items and also the names of several city officials and selectment in her backyard.

She was subsequently hired as a childrens' librarian in a nearby town.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I picked up Escape Velocity Nova from a friend a couple days ago, and it's ten shades of awesome. A year or so ago my uncle gave me a game called Freelancer, which claimed to basically dump you into a unvierse of planets with a lame little ship and let you do whetever--become a great pirate, get filthy rich trading, join the space navy, whatever. In reality it was a half-decent space shooter with a very linear plot that you could either advance or go off and do piddly nothing-missions for no real pay and accomplish very little. But that game's premise and most of its design was very clearly stolen from EV Nova. Seriously. The plot is different, the governments and arrangement of planets are different, but the games are essentially the same in most every aspect of gameplay, and the only advantage Freelancer has is that it's 3D. EV is by far the better game in every other area. There is no one plot. You really can become a great pirate or an admiral in either of two navies or just make buckets of money trading goods or any number of other possible threads. Or you can just take the same piddly nothing-missions, except here even those generally turn out vastly more interesting. The whole thing is just badass.

Monday, August 07, 2006

"...Well, unfortunately, self-esteem and the ability to like yourself only come after you've done something that makes you likable. You can't bullshit yourself. If I think Todd over here is worthless for sitting in his room all day, drinking and playing video games, doesn't it follow that I'm worthless for doing the same thing?

It doesn't matter what you tell yourself, or what slogans you memorize about how everyone is special. You'll think of yourself as special when you do something special. If you think of yourself as special prior to actually doing something special, you're not healthy and well-balanced. You're a narcissist, disconnected from reality."

Seven Reasons the 21st Century is Making us Miserable

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Okay, please note this post is directed at gamers and their ilk, BUT ALSO at those who often don't play games, because these are the sort of games for them. I has played #1 in this series before, never beat it because I got bored, but #2 recently debuted on Newgrounds and with much effort and a small allotment of help from those who had already beat it I beat all three games in the series (#2 only came out on NG after #3 came out someplace else, for some reason.) The game is called Submachine (here's 2 and 3) and it--at least the first two--are essentially object puzzles after the style of, say, Discworld 2. The third is less object-y and more puzzling, but just as good. The plot involves the main character being mysteriously trapped in a building, and then an underground lighthouse, and then the titular Submachine--nothing so cliched as waking up there with no idea who you are or how you got there, no, the character knows, they just aren't telling the player. They're all pretty hard but entirely enjoyable. All of you, at least give them a try.

i know you think that you know, but how do you know that what you know is true?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Alright, I realize all the hip people saw it in the theaters, but I read the comic then and only saw the movie of V for Vendetta now, when it came out on video. The movie was good, we all know this, as well as kinda disturbing. What surprised me was how different it was from the comic book, and how much I liked the differences. The subplot with that guy's wife is gone, V dies in a completely different way and so does the high chancellor, a couple key scenes don't even happen, but really the story is better overall. It was more fun this way. And it struck me how much (many?) guts it took to make this movie now...

mellow out or you will pay