Thursday, March 30, 2006

I haven't posted for a while, being unable to reach the Internet for assorted reasons, but this was so shiny I got it posted by proxy. I invented it with a friend of mine at chess club the other day--we both play DnD, and I had a brainwave, which after some tinkering and experimentation ended up as:

Movement and winning are as normal, but when you attack another piece instead of automatically capturing it there's a short battle. The attacking player rolls 1d20 and adds the attack bonus of the attacking piece. If the result is higher than the defending piece's AC, the defender dies. If it isn't, the defending player rolls 1d20 and adds the defending piece's attack bonus; if its result is higher than the attacking piece's AC, the attacker dies. If it isn't higher either, neither piece dies and the attacker goes back to where it started from. We only played one game but it seemed to work pretty well. The numbers we're using (for now) are:

Piece AC Attack Bonus
Pawn 8 +1
Knight 10 +2
Bishop 14 +2
Rook 12 +3
Queen 15 +3
King 0 +20

As you see, the king functions like he does in normal chess-he can kill, and be killed by, any piece without any rolling. That's so that you still have to always keep him out of check or else lose the game next turn, like real chess. It was really pretty fun. I'm thinking of emailing this idea to Kevan to see what he thinks of it, since he's a game designer guy and I've actually chatted with him a few times...

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Dimitrios G. Lymperopoulos said...

Fine Idea! I just thought of it, google for it, and saw your blog... I would suggest that the pawn gets an improved Attack Bonus, as it goes forth (and gains experience ;-) ). What do you think? How is your experience from the following games going?