Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I really need to cut down on my...not-eating.

Yes, odd as that seems, it's true. I miss breakfast far too often than is good for me, I miss lunch a lot of the time, when I come home I eat asnack or two and tend to only eat small portions at dinner, and then I play my ass off at DDR for an hour. I'm violating the law of conservation of energy, or something. Surely I must be metabolizing brain cells by now. It's not like I have an eating disorder or anything--God knows I'm aware of how thin (that is, scrawny) I am--it's just that I never feel hungry. Until just before lunch the next day, when I'm starving, and wishing I brought more. Go figure.

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No one... said...

Hey I do that too. Maybe it's a genetic thing.