Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I think I've worked out part of the reason why books like Harry potter and anime like Naruto are so popular. Hearing about people who are really good at what they do can be entertaining (most kung-fu movies, for instance), as can hearing about people who know absolutely nothing (i.e. North by Northwest,), but there's a special kind of thrill you get when the people in you book or movie or whatever are learning about something. It gives you a subliminal feeling that "hey, if they can start out not knowing much and then learn to do amazing magic tricks (or whatever), then if I were to somehow get to one of these schools, I could too!" that makes you want to watch the show more. Of course, this is a fourteen-year-old expounding on his psychological theories here. On the other hand, he's a fourteen-yeer-old who uses the word "expounding." Could go either way, really.

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Not sure what expounding means *exactly* but I do have a pretty good idea what it means.