Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I need to ditch my pad.

I have attained the level of DDR skill that means a pad as cheap as the MadCatz one I have on loan from my uncle is seriously hindering my performance. Thus, I'll be returning it next time I see him, and my Amazon wishlist has gained new, top-priority denizen: a $99 RedOctane foam-core Ignition v2.0 pad. There are better pads; if I were buying this myself (I.E. if I weren't broke) I might get a $200 Afterburner or even a $300 Cobalt Flux. It doesn't get better than that short of $4000 arcade-authentic metal things that literally weigh multiple tons. But $300 is a lot to ask my friends and relations to shell out just for a peripheral, and the Ignition should be perfectly good for now. It may seem like I should keep the cheap one until I get the new one, since that isn't likely to happen until my birthday in November, but frankly playing any more on it is likely to only leave me with more to unlearn later.

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No one... said...

Okay, two things...
1) How the heck are you going to convince your parents to get that!?2) If by some way you actually do get it where are you going to put it? Unless you knock down a wall or something I think you'll restrict your houses nagativity by quite a bit.