Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I am, as of today, a Man with a Plan.

First: I start a cable access TV show. It'll be hosted by me and maybe one or two other people, and have a variety of segments, but the segement important to my Plan will involve video games--it'll have reviews and suchlike. Second: Once school starts again, I write for the school newspaper, and among other things will write about video games. Third: I keep a portfolio of these writings, and the tapes of these shows, and I send them--along with some sort of video of me and my possible cohost begging--to the people (whoever they are) who run E3 in an attempt to get in. It probably won't work...but who cares?


Person said...

You do realize that there's already an entire cable station dedicated to games.

[rant]It's called G$ (G4) and it's probably the greatest video gaming station (with lots of video game shows) but is ultimately crap because they took over TechTV for their stupid idiotic video games!!! GAH!! I know the videogame industry is even bigger than the movie industry, but stupid G4 couldn't make it on it's own because they're stupid so they cried to their mommie (Comcast) to help them. So Comcast goes over and buys out TechTV, the station dedicated to everything technology, sticks the name "G4" to the front of it to make G4TechTV, then slowly killed every GOOD show on the station. They fired practically everyone from TechTV (over 300 people) and slowly sucked the blood from TechTV by killing off their shows. At the end, the last show standing was The Screen Savers, which was so altered and modified from the original to make it 'more interesting' to the stupid teenagers with short attention spans who waltz around claiming they're real "gamers" (gaming is about playing the game, not watching other people play it!), so "more interesting" was the show that it was crap compared to the original. There were tons of complaints on their forums and tons of watchers dropping the station. G$ bought the station for the land and property, not for what was already on it. They plowed it over and grew some stupid shows on their land. grrr!! stupid G4!![/rant]

No one... said...

Well, if it gets you into E3 I say it's a pretty good idea. If it does work say I'm the art director so I can go too.