Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Force is strong in this one is quite incredible...I've never seen a computer program manage something so open-ended before. It got "a tank" (my personal homage to Bill & Ted) in 17 questions or so. In other news, the users on Cale have seen fit to elect me the new Mod of the Saipher Empire...go me!


Blondie. said...'s me, Leah. Sorry i was kind of ignoring you today at field day. You were kind of stalking me though, so i was beginning to get a little scared. O_O

Anyways, i was dodging your question because i'm not sure where it was going, and i don't think i really want to tell you why i can't have a boyfriend. >_o

Also, i'd rather you not bring subjects such as those up around my friends. Frankly...well, there's no need to be frank, is there? ^_^;;;

I was also kind of lost and dead because Katie wasn't there, and just kind of blah-blah talking to friends.

No hard feelings,

Juno said...

I'm curious as to why my title sounds stupid... Just curious is all. ^_^ Thanks for the link.

Mobius Soul said...
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