Friday, May 20, 2005

I wrote this today during science...

And a few other periods, but whatever. The thought is rather unoriginal but still important, I think, and the phrasing is rather nice if I do say so myself. It's angry hippie-rock, if such a thing can be said to exist. It doesn't have a tune as yet, but...


You are not your eyes, your hair
You are not the clothes you wear
You are not your race or creed
Can't you help your friends in need?

Stand up! Rise up!
Look for a solution!
Take your place in
Human evolution!
Help us stop the
War and mind pollution!
Stand up! Rise up!
Join the revolution!

We live our lives in joy and ease
We live our lives among the thieves
We burn our oil, our gas, our trees
And it strikes me there's something wrong
We while away our idle time
Existence, no rhythm or rhyme
I listen to the lies, and I'm
Beginning to think we don't belong
Beginning to think it won't be long


I'm here with some impropaganda
'Cuz I'm too proud to stoop and pander
I'm saying now with perfect candor
I think we need to change our ways
I can't stand up for fallin' down
Whose sorrows are you trying to drown?
Oh well, just buy another round
Keep joking through self-induced haze
Waste your way through all your days


I may seem inflammatory
But you have to be, in bids for glory
If there weren't those who'll tell it true
Who knows what we would all come to?
This is no kind of holy task
I wasn't told and wasn't asked
But when you see a life in danger
Does it really matter if it's a stranger?

Stand up! Rise up!
Join the revolution!
Stand up! Rise up!
Join the revolution!
Stand up! Rise up!
Join the revolution!
Stand up! Rise up!

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