Saturday, May 21, 2005


I've just come back from the first rehearsal of my band, The eXceptions (stupid capitalization to probably be dropped later). I (bassman, "Quelquechose" being my stage name), "The Drummer" (the drummer,) and The Notorious CAM/The Almighty Sausage (stage name still undecided--he's the guitarist) got together in the garage of the Drummer house and played Green Day's "Holiday" for about half an hour, total, over the 2 1/2 hour rehearsal. The rest was spent talking, pretending to hit each other with guitars, actually hitting each other with guitars, eating pizza, and trying to stop TNCAM/TAS from madly, loudly, and randomly soloing and playing riffs from other songs. The most interesting event was when, about a third of the way through, some random guy showed up with a guitar and asked to play with us. We all knew him from school, but we had never mentioned that we were a band to him, let alone say when or where we were rehearsing--he lived nearby and heard us playing. Giving that he's a pretty cool guy and knows how to play pretty well, he's now in the band, under the name The Unexpected and Unusual Rhythm Guiatarist, or "UURG (pronounced "urgh")." We plan to get him on stage with a Three-Arm Sally in at least one gig.

Also, this is SUMA cool.

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