Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A 1337 d1{7i0/\/4r33

Note that you don't want to make every character 1337 or it'll be unreadable--a 2:1 ratio of 1337 to normal is generally good. Also note that 1337speak is really pretty lame to use all the time or for serious ever--it's mainly a humor thing. This is not including non-ASCII characters, which had a whole new dimension of 1337ness but also of confusion, difficulty, and time taken in the writing. "none" means just use the regular letter and surround it with as much 1337 as possible.
A= "4" or "/-\"
B= "8" or "|3"
C= "(" or "[" or "{" or "<"
D= "|)"
E= "3"
F= "|=" if absolutely necessary, but generally none
G= "6"
H= "|-|"
I= "1" or "|"
J= none
K= "|<"
L= "1" or "|" or "|_"
M= "/\/\" or "|\/|" or even "/||\"
N= "/\/" or "|/|"
O= "0" (that's a numeral, folks)
P= none, although it isn't THAT hard to make |°
Q= none
R= none
S= "5" or "$"
T= "7"
U= "|_|"
V= "\/"
W= "\/\/" or "|/\|"
X= "><"
Y= "j" (replaced--as in "relax, we understand j00--" but only when y is the first letter of the word)
Z= none

Always spell "the" "teh" and "my" "meye," and add "-orz" to verbs and plural nouns at random.

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