Sunday, March 20, 2005

More quotage.

" 'I was getting bored with absolute evil, anyway. I find that you can do a lot more damage with ambivalence...and it's not as easily detectable from a distance, not anywhere near as memorable. Pure evil sticks out the way pure anything sticks out in a world full of mixtures and melanges and shades of gray. Ambivalence can be discounted, or explained away, or mistaken for confusion or a mind not completely made up yet.' 'Sometimes it really is...' Kit said. 'Oh, sure. but how often? The rest of the time, in humans, it's more often about the refusal to make a choice. People are eager to excuse it, though. Ambivalence is seen as a sign of maturity, whereas actually taking a stance on one side or another is easy to describe as simplistic...or juvenile.' "
--The Lone Power, in Wizard's Holiday, one of Diane Duane's many excellent books.

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kathgs said...

Boy is this ever true! Just look at the voting statistics...