Monday, March 28, 2005

Controversy! Dissent! Acrimony!

So Massachusetts is now considering implmenting a shield law. A shield law, in case you didn't know, is a law stopping courts from forcing journalists to reveal their anonymous sources. Several states have them already, and it would already be a topic of some argument, but the big deal about this one is that they're debating whether to include us bloggers. Websites already have to reveal a user's IP adress if a court orders them to, but should they? Do bloggers count as journalists, or anonymous sources, or both, or neither? I guarantee most bloggers, and a good part of those who read blogs, would say yes, but what about the majority of people? What's more, there's a school of thought saying that only SOME bloggers should count and thus be covered--those who either pass a certain test, or sign a certain agreement. Which obviously opens the door wide to all kinds of corruption and favoritism. Commment, people. Let's hear opinions. (I say this to my couple of close friends and my mom, as they are my only readers. Oh well.)

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