Friday, March 25, 2005

Am I the only one who's getting really sick of this Terry Schiavo nonsense? There is no reason to keep the feeding tube in, people. It weren't keeping anyone alive, and nobody is starving to death in that bed now. There's NO ONE IN THERE. The thing that is laying in the bed is not only not sentient, it's not even conscious. It's an empty shell, literally a vegetable, alive in only the most scientific sense, certainly not in any religious, moral, or social way. Terri has left the building! To take a religious point of view, since a lot of the objectors to this situation are religious people, then if Terri is lucky, she's in Heaven or Nirvana Or Paradise right now. If she's unlucky, she's trapped halfway there because she's dead and you won't let her rest in peace! It was her expressed wish that were her body to be left in this state, it shouldn't be forced to keep going. Even if you have reason to disbelieve or simply ignore everythying I've just said, what gives this particular woman the right to have thousands upon thousands of man-hours, resources, and money devoted to her especially? Go and stick your feeding tube into an infant orphan in Zimbabwe or a homeless girl in China. They have a functioning brain, for pete's sake. The whole thing is a travesty, and an insult to this woman's memory.

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