Thursday, February 24, 2005


So, who am I? Well...I'm Mobius* Soul. I'm a teenage boy who lives somewhere in an unspecified suburb in New England and does nothing much. I like video games, writing, and anime. If I were a D&D character, my stats would be STR 11, DEX 13, CON 9, INT 15, WIS 10, CHA 8. I write posted some bad writing to Fictionpress once. And now, I blog. Doesn't immediately interest you, maybe. Don't worry. It will later.

*If you know what a mobius is already, skip the following footnote and bad ASCII art. If not, a mobius is the thing created when you take a strip of paper--thus--

and give it a half-twist, thus--
_____ _____

then curve the ends to touch each other. The end result is an object that a.) I can't make in ASCII, and b.) in theory has only one side. If you don't belive me, do it yourself and then take a pencil and drag it along the paper in a line parallel to the edges of the side you're on. Keep going until you hit the beginning again. There won't be any sides without lines.

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