Tuesday, February 22, 2005

i think this is the beginning of a beautiful...something.

So, dear Reader, this will be my blog. I just read Biz Stone's second book, and I am filled with...not much really. It was a cool book, but not exactly inspirational. But it told me how to do something I've wanted to for a while now. So here I am, blogging. This blog will be mostly about my life, but it won't be navel-gazing--it'll sort of take the same tack as webcomics. There'll be no "Arthur Dent put on his socks, the left one, then the right. He walked down the stairs, carefully putting his foot on each one so as--" No. None of that. Many webcomics are loosely based on the lives of their authors, but only the interesting bits other people will CARE about. So, yeah. More to follow.

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