Sunday, February 24, 2008

I have on my computer a file called "failure.mp3." It's a homemade recording of someone playing a rather sad piano piece; it's titled "failure," as far as I can tell, because something about the recording setup gave it a nasty buzzing overtone whenever the pianist plays a certain note, unfortunately the tonic of the key the song is in. Then again, maybe that's just the name of the song.

The file's been sitting on my hard drive for years. I have no idea who made it or where it came from, and I'm pretty sure I never did--it just showed up one day. It kept turning up whenever I'd scan my music folders for new media players, and I always didn't delete it because even as sloppy as it was, it was an okay piece. Still, it was a close thing.

And just now, when I went looking for a soundtrack for my short film for school (coming soon to a youtub near you, based on this) I thought of it instantly. And when I played it over the edited footage, it synced up perfectly. Ridiculously well. It goes loud when I'm silent, quieter when I'm talking, changes key at just the right time. It's beautiful, and uncanny.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The X Days a Sauerkraut series of object puzzle games are just as good and atmospheric as everyone says they are. Tough but rewarding and really scary. I recommend them to anyone. The only problem is an excess of "guide dang it" moments. You need to open the door, so obviously you should go into a hotel room, light a match, set off the fire alarms, go down the fire escape, steal a crowbar, shift realities to a realm of fear and destruction, go through the door, and drug yourself into such a stupor you fall back into the real world. Nothing could be simpler!

Friday, January 04, 2008

I just saw my old classmate's A Capella group perform--they're pretty damn good. As soon as they show up on Youtube or something I'll link them. In the meantime, the cover they did of Guster's Careful made me realize how much the verse of that song sounds like BNL's I'll Be That Girl. Just sayin'. Both great songs though.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A few times for the past couple months I've had an idea for a post, but then gone "bah, it's been dead so long, nobody's reading it, I won't bother," which clearly self-fulfills, so I better start with something.

I just got myself a Facebook. I'd rejected all forms of social networking websites for years on the grounds that I'd seen a few of my middle school sister's friends' Myspaces and I wanted to put myself as far away from that as possible. But Facebook is basically Myspace for people who've figured out how much Linkin Park sucks, and I had to get one for a school student group, so there you go. It's not so bad.

School thing in question: an A Cappella group. We're arranging this and you have no idea how happy that makes me.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

How come nobody told me RPGWorld had started updating again? I'd given up hope years ago. Hell, maybe this means we might get Starsomething back. Though I haven't checked, so for all I know we have. The new content starts here, if you wanna see it. (You might have seen the first few pages of that short re: Reka and the robot, but anything but the first few pages was only available in print until recently.)

look at the graceful way she dances, one foot speaks the other answers

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I just auditioned for the school play with this, turned into a monologue. I was quite proud of it myself. I just want to say something to Capcom here:

You've made a great game in Resident Evil 4, really. But letting a player unlock new cool weapons by beating the game...and giving him a new game plus to play with those weapons in...and also giving him a harder difficulty mode...but not letting him use his new game plus equipment in the harder mode, in fact not even letting him buy the new weapons at all in the harder mode, without beating the game on the harder mode without them, is just stupid. The main purpose of a New Game + (which, for the uneducated, is when you start the game over with all the powerful equipment you ended it with the first time through) is so that you can play the game on the harder mode, now that you're better and stronger, and have goodies you can only get by beating the game. Now I'm left with two options: play the game in Normal with the new stuff, which will make the normal difficulty--already easy for me, since I've beaten it--laughably simplistic, or else play it on Hard, which will be exactly the same experience I just went through except I'll die more. Neither of these options are fun. What I want is to use the new, powerful tools on new, powerful enemies, or at the very least on old, newly powerful enemies, who will present a challenge even when I use the new, powerful tools. Why would you ruin your own replay value like that?...

¡Detrás de ti, imbécil!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just picked up a new comic--the excellent The Far Reaches. This could be a much-needed replacement for A Miracle of Science; the art and story both have a similar feel, but this is less hard sci-fi. It's basically a Jeeves in Space thing. Jokes are funny, though the author breaks the fourth wall a bit too much--a very common problem in webcomics, but not normally in ones this well-drawn and -written. Check it out, it's good.

even I, pantaloon gallant, I cannot
I was remembering a scene from a book today and trying to remember which book it came from; a bit of quick Googling revealed it to be from Cryptonomicon, by one of my favorite authors, Neal Stephenson. The scene was immensely memorable to me because it essentially consists of a man eating one bowl of Cap'n Crunch for six pages. Rereading it here, I have decided that my goal as a writer will be to be able to duplicate the feat of being able to write about a completely dumb event for six pages or more and make it engaging, interesting and funny.

you can catch up with yourself if you run

Thursday, August 02, 2007

No, Maude, COLORS

The following is verbatim, as closely as I can remember an hour or two later, from what I overheard while applying for my learner's permit at the local RMV. (I passed, since you ask.) Names have been changed to protect the guilty. I swear nothing else has been added, changed or exaggerated. Sometimes, apparently, stereotypes are true. Note that at least two people were talking at pretty much any point, and both women involved had Bawstun accents.

"Alright, ma'am, please put your eyes on the testing device. "

"A, C, K, L, F, no E, G, O, sorry..."

"Wait a minute, ma'am."

"...P, F, no, R, F..."

"He said stop, Maude!"

"I heard him!"

"Please read the first line, ma'am."

"A, K, F."

"...The whole first line, please, from left to right."

"A. K. M. F. No, E. P. L."

"No, the first line, please."

"A. K. M--"

"No, Maude, he said the first line--"

"L. Q. P. C, M. No, O, M. U. K. L. S."

"Alright. Please list the colors, from top to bottom."

"L. Q. P--"

"The colors, please, ma'am."

"Oh. A, K, M--"

"No, Maude, cullahs, he said cullahs--"

"Oh. Red, yellow, blue, yellow."

"Could you try that again, ma'am?"

"Red, yellow, blue--"

"There's no blue in a traffic light, ma'am."

"--yellow, blue, red--"

"Ma'am, none of the colors are blue."


"He said there's no blue, Maude."

"Red, yellow, blue--green--red."

"Alright...Can you see flashing?"

"Well, not right now."

Twenty seconds pass.

"Do you see flashing, ma'am?"

"I don't see anything!"

"Put your hands on the machine, ma'am."

She puts her hands on the base of the machine."

"I don't see anything."

"Up by your face, please." She does so. "Do you see anything flashing."

"I don't see anything!"

At this point I had to leave to take the small test, and was therefore sadly unable to see what happened and whether Maude got her license or not. I can only hope not.

barbaric barbaric barbaric

Friday, July 20, 2007

Quick quiz: how many of these quotes can you remember the originals of before resorting to Wikiquote? I myself scored three out of eight, though I could vaguely remember the fourth, just couldn't recall what "wet t-shirt" replaced. What's much sadder than that is that I didn't actually know the guy was a playwright until I noticed that all of the quote sources on that page were marked Act Something. I had had a vague idea that he was a poet but mostly I thought he was just a high society guy who spent his time sitting around at parties being witty at people. Surely the plays must have been good, how come I've never heard of any of them? Maybe they were satire, that clearly wouldn't age well. I'll have to go look them up.